Friday, 19 February 2010

Before we start... here are some of my fav instruments...

QY70 - Awesome musical possibilities. PlayFX is fantastic - More later.

MPC 1000 - Just hit it - More later.

Cool Edit Pro (now Adobe Audition) - Nothing has ever come close to a perfect audio editor and nothing has ever come close to the control of CEP. More later...


I had the Supernova II before, to me the Radias sounds better. Slightly better IO on the Novation. However, what's important here is realtime audio mangling, the total break down of what's in and what's out... More later...

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

New horizons in sound now as Roger plays a solo on the electric shirt collar...

By daytime I'm a mild mannered developer and hacker. I fix people computers, recover their data, fix up websites - that kinda thing. I enjoy it.

By night I make strange noises and build strange new designs.

This is just to say "it starts here".

The end result should be a user programmable system for the creation of mad audio. No holds barred, all options are possible. Speak soon.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Getting started with iPhone/iPod development

It needn't be _too_ expensive.

Here's a reasonable route that, so far, I've found pretty good.

Buy a MacBook - you can get something bigger and more powerful but this will work fine. 800 pounds from - this is your biggest expense.

Buy a Mini DVI to DVI adapter - 15 quid from the apple store on New Oxford Street. YMMV

Buy a 19" LCD screen - this will be essential for debugging. There simply isn't enough screen space EVER for debugging! You should be able to find one for a shade less than a 100 pounds.

Download the latest SDK from Apple.

Register as an Apple Developer

Pay up! Become a paid up Apple developer - 60 quid

2nd hand iPod - if you're not using the mobile network (or audio input) this will work fine - second hand units are around 80 to 100 pounds.


1075 Pounds all in to start developing - Nearly all that cost is hardware.

Get stuck in - it might seem like a lot of money but this is fairly cheap in the grand scheme of things.

Laters, Matthew.