Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Future of Web....

We have so many interesting things going on. IE8 will be out soon, we've got Silverlight 2 in beta. Mozilla are working hard on TraceMonkey (huge Javascript speed-ups).

What I'd like now is two things... The first is a decent, stable DOM style interface to OpenGL (pref something like ES). The second is the ability to push and pull data from OGL. Given the amazing stunts even an old GPU can perform (operations on vectors and arrays of floats - often programmable but "simple" stuff like Multiply Accumulate and lovely matrix methods... SOoooo, what can't we have that?

The best thing to do is this... 1 - Read the OGLES spec carefully. 2 - Kill all the crap you don't need (all that old GLU type stuff). 3 - Describe the interface carefully in a format that JS will love. 4 - Release it as a standard FF plugin.


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