Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Google Chrome, Silverlight and hacking.

Google Chrome... well, I've just given and.... none of the Silverlight shows up! No warnings about plugins, no SL D/L progress just the background.

A quick check of this pretty demo also shows no love.

However, Chrome seems to have found the SL plugin - one can check by getting up a new tab and typing about:plugins into the address bar and pressing enter - this list shows that all the plugins on my machine (SL, QT, Flash etc) are present in that list (and, as I've mentioned before... why on Earth is Silverlight associated with the .scr file extension).

I've tracked down a list of other "about:" links... ready?


about:version - Display current Chrome version (user agent etc)
about:plugins - Display Installed Plugins (Flash, SL, PDF, QT etc)
about:histograms - Display History
about:dns - Display DNS Stats
about:cache - View Cache Pages
view-cache:stats - Cache Stats
about:stats - Display Stats
about:network - Somewhat like HTTPFox but not as functional
about:memory - "stats for nerds"
about:crash Shows the "Crash" page

Easter Eggs. Maybe not that useful

about:internets The message “Don’t Clog the Tubes!” appears in the title bar... go figure.
chrome-resource://favicon/ - Get "favicon" (of browser?) comes up with a PNG

Task Manager

This is where things start to look a little less like a browser and more like an OS App Kernel... interesting.

Right click on the title bar of your Chrome window and select "Task Manager" - this is not the windows TM but the Chrome TM. In the bottom left of the TM is "Stats for Nerds" - this will give you all sorts of useful info. This can also be accessed by entering the address "about:memory"


Next to the address bar is the "Control the Current Page" button - click it. Down the bottom is "Development" which contains a JS debugger, page source viewing etc - I have yet to experiment here.


The installer is probably just a stub (it's less than 500K) and seems to DL the rest of itself from the Internet.

Interestingly it doesn't install itself in %Program File% instead sequestering itself in "C:\Users\$user\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe".

Anyhoo... That's all so far. Just keepin' 'em peeled innit.

UPDATE!! Silverlight _does_ seem to be running but very, very, very, very, VERY slowly.

L8rz, burnttoy

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