Thursday, 22 April 2010

I'm laughing at you not with you...

"New Media" really is entering this election. I'm surprised - clearly many people aren't online so probably 30% odd of the population don't really care but when the Daily Mail, Express and Telegraph run articles about "Nick Clegg in Nazi Jibe" the loonies come out of the wood work - Even Sky News is reciting this ad nauseum (being a TV station they couldn't publish this themselves but they can report on the reporting... weird...).

Soooo.. how is New Media entering the election... well, these lunatic articles attract lunatic comments - Some on the Daily Telegraph site denounce the EU as facists whilst slating Nick Clegg for having 'foreign' parents and grandparents - these people do NOT help there cause... just like in the last USA election the neo-cons came over so hard, so aggressive and so 'facist' that they sidelined themselves - their immediate reaction to this was to become more entrenched, beligerent and, well, scared. See the "Tea Party" - strange choice of name.

The Tories will not end up like this but I wouldn't be surprised to see a sizable chunk of their vote go to more and more right wing parties.

Lastly, cos' I think it's funny... The Daily Mail in Clegg Nazi Jibe? Hang on - is this the paper that supported the Union of British Facists, showed support of Oswald Mosely and whose owner was a personal friend of Mussolini and Hitler?

Shirely not.... *titter!*

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