Friday, 15 April 2011

No Update Today?

Yup, just a little one.

I'm gonna use Qt for GUI work - yup, I also understand that most of this stuff isn't GUI at all but I'll probably steal their colour coded editor or just plane old QTextEdit, wrap some open/close stuff around it and call it a UI.

There are advantages to working this way - think multiple tabs and/or multiple windows - one shows you your central scripting whilst the others change as fast as possible to show how your models are turned into code, interpreted, graph outputs etc. Very nice.

One disadvantage is that an installer gets "big" once you've added all of Qt's libraries. Linux with it's dependency system doesn't worry too much. Windows - well you have to ship 'em and same with Mac.

I work almost exclusively with Linux (Ubuntu & Android to be precise - although Angstrom is on my list soon too). I do have a Mac (used to be for iPod/iPhone dev - but I simply don't have time to do that anymore). Windows - I don't even have a machine.

Qt also added QAudioInput and QAudioOutput recently - I'm not sure what the backing code is but I don't really mind. I used to use PortAudio but doubt I will anymore.

Right, next time a lot more on machines then samples and graphing.

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