Monday, 6 February 2012

Old Technology

There's lots of fans out there... Black and white moves, vinyl, wax cylinder, 8 bit graphics (sprites, not many colours, colour clash etc) even VHS.

Why is this? Will there be Blu-ray fan groups in the not so distant future? 44.1Khz "heads" who will painstakingly resample all their new ultra-hd-mp7s into CD quality?

Probably not!

But why the love old tech? SNES, ZX Spectrum, Pong, VCS2600, N64 and Playstation even?

I reckon it's their "other-worldliness".

They can't/don't attempt to mimic reality but paint a cartoon, an abstraction of it instead. It's all they could do!

That's what draws people to them. They look like the future, from the near past.

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