Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Not Dead!

The project is going great (honest!) in theory I will "soon" (I anticipate New Year as I've a nice tasty chunk of chrimbo holiday coming up). So, what do I expect to deliver... the following.

The basic canvas/bauhaus font (scalable with various stroke/fill effects).

* MCP:NOTE:The font will be extended with various diacritics. Umlaut, circumflex, acute, grave, cedilla an dot.

Matrix math class with optimiser - a "simple" piece of code that supports various transforms (please note that this is not a replacement for a JS library such as Slyvester. It does not have that scope instead supporting scaling, translation, shear, rotation, identity, multiply and can also "optimise" a matrix multiply by creating a chunk of JS code that has multiply by 0, 1 and -1 optimised (away in the case of 0 or reduced to add or sub if the input is 1 to -1). Also, the entire multiply is loop unrolled so do NOT use this for large matrices! A vulgaris multiply is available. Matrices can also be output to an HTML table (very handy).

* MCP:NOTE:This will probably need "inverse" eventually.

Canvas based control point and control point view with grid and user grid. A "fake" canvas that can record canvas activity (somewhat like ExplorerCanvas). A canvas JS program can be used to supply the editing surface (although some metadata may be unavailable - MCP to confirm). Colour gradient editing _will_ work! This will include "in place" (that is actually on the screen) editing of linear and radial colour gradient positions. A property window that offers a colour gradient "ruler" and colour selector. However, I may not be able to offer anything other than RGB for the colour selector (yet) and probably no bitmap patterns either (yet - eventually more advanced Canvas effects will be possible such as using a Canvas as a pattern). In place editing of all control points with rubber banding, snap to user grid and shared user grids (with ruler). A property window and code output window (interactive) will be displayed.

Note system - pulled from the old "COD2" project - little more than a tree of notes really with a few clever pruning/renaming methods. Should let me write code on my crackberry via Opera Mini (seems to be holding together).

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