Thursday, 17 December 2009

It's here....

Open Pandora lives and breathes... Hell yeah!

Video of a production model here...

Vid on Pocket Gamer

Now... Where's my one! Any minute, any minute, any minute ;-)

I'm not that rushed... I preordered in November last year. I'm patient!

Can't wait for this and, although I'm not the most vocal of supporters, it has been fascinating, and a learning experience of it's on) to watch the guys build this thing and all the trials and tribulations. The fact they've pulled it off in a year is astonishing.

Ohh... and it's just started snowing again.... could this chrimbo get any better (yup... I get to spend ages with my lovely missus in "the lodge" eating and boozing our way through my parents larder... then her parents larder!)

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