Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Getting started with iPhone/iPod development

It needn't be _too_ expensive.

Here's a reasonable route that, so far, I've found pretty good.

Buy a MacBook - you can get something bigger and more powerful but this will work fine. 800 pounds from - this is your biggest expense.

Buy a Mini DVI to DVI adapter - 15 quid from the apple store on New Oxford Street. YMMV

Buy a 19" LCD screen - this will be essential for debugging. There simply isn't enough screen space EVER for debugging! You should be able to find one for a shade less than a 100 pounds.

Download the latest SDK from Apple.

Register as an Apple Developer

Pay up! Become a paid up Apple developer - 60 quid

2nd hand iPod - if you're not using the mobile network (or audio input) this will work fine - second hand units are around 80 to 100 pounds.


1075 Pounds all in to start developing - Nearly all that cost is hardware.

Get stuck in - it might seem like a lot of money but this is fairly cheap in the grand scheme of things.

Laters, Matthew.

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